Professional Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service in London since 1970


We also have a commercial laundry department where we process underwear, socks, cotton pants, sheets, and other items that need to be wet cleaned. So if you have a stressful job or need more time for yourself, contact Tower Bridge London Dry Cleaners to launder all of your clothes, sheets, napkins etc. You will not just look great but you will feel even better when you find out how inexpensive our laundry service is.

We offer different ways to finish the items. Each item is pretreated for soil or stains as needed. Items are categorised for temperature and starch, and we will soak individual items when required. And to ensure that the best results, our quality control team will hand finish all items and no items will leave our premises until they are satisfied that your items meet our quality guidelines. When you pick them up, you can have them boxed up for convenience or bagged for easy carry. The choice is yours.


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