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We provide fabric restoration services specialising in the restoration of garments particularly those damaged in a smoke, fire or flooding. We have designed a program to minimise your loss during a personal tragedy.

As restoration professionals, we understand each household is unique. Tower Bridge London Dry Cleaners manage each loss with individual attention promptly, honestly and professionally. Whether you’re looking for simple clothing restoration, or delicate care for family heirlooms and collectibles, we at Tower Bridge London Dry Cleaners is your number one choice.

We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will meet with you and your insurance representative to help determine the extent of damage and how best to minimise your loss. Our Priority Service includes prompt processing of items you just can’t do without. Generally, we’ll have Priority Service items back to you within 24 hours after deodorisation.

  Actual Damaged Garment  
Before Restoration
After Restoration
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